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★ The nerd golden fox ★

★ About me ★

Yellow Square Bullet by Kawiku 16 | forever single | Brazil | Nerd fox | UTC -3Yellow Square Bullet by Kawiku
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Hello! My name is Leticia and yes, I'm from Brazil^^
I love drawing and as you may have noticed foxes are my favorite animals. I quite like chemistry, and have a liking for biology and physics too, I'm kinda known in school for my high grades.
I love violins, ice cream, oreos, foxes, books, silence, cold weather and cute things.
Words mean a lot to me, I really appreciate every comment you drop me, they help a lot with my self esteem not to mention I love making friends!
Feel free to check my gallery and watch me, my commission prices and stuff may be found in this right side box.

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Yellow Square Bullet by Kawiku Lindsey Stirling - Take Flight Yellow Square Bullet by Kawiku

★ Find me ★

★ Find me ★

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:iconleticiaprestes: - Main acc.
:icongold-adopts: - Adoptables
:iconmisty-gold: - Sketches
:iconpillowsheep: - Backup acc.

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AT: Misty by SlaveToTheMocha

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:iconcelestialpancake: :iconzirconthewyvern: :iconbelanyx13: :icondrizzlepaws: :iconrezo-nance:

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2015 contest winners announced!:dummy:
see the results here:
prize checklist here:

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I know that it's so cliche by Wickerish
click the gold buttons to see the info^^
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I think it's relevant for people who want art from me read it first:
*weary sigh*wow. that was the second week and I'm already sleepy (more than what I'm used being XD)
high school, tons of homeworks, new matters on subjects, another upcoming school fair (aahh not again! *facepalm*), extra studies for college applications, practise exercises, moar exercises, study groups (counting the ones that I teach stuff), check dA, tumblr AAAND personal art... phew!
that's the summary of my long to-do list... have fun staring at it while I cry over it ;u;
the conclusion: I nearly don't have time for personal art and dA itself, the maximum for weekdays is 2 hours, this when I go sleep at 11 pm.
so don't expect commission openings and such (unless I am on crazy mode, or when I get a bigger timeframe to work on stuff for others)
I am checking dA 2 times a day, when I get from school, I read my messages while I have lunch, but I usually reply them on 10 pm, before I go sleep :|
on weekends I'm more free, for now...
(important) please don't ask for art, etcI'm sorry I feel so guilty for saying this but I got no choice...
my commissions are closed most of the time, and I know many of you want to get something from me and I really appreciate this with all my heart, this is why I like dA, interacting with you guys make me feel better when I'm stressed or even sad.:hug:
but sadly my schedule has became so unpredictable, and I feel like the time is passing faster for me. school, assignments, extra studies and all the other things I listed on my other jornal are making my life a total rush.
I want to open commissions, but I cant.
I want to draw personal art, but I can't.
I want to work on my comic, but I can't.
I want to have free time, but that's out of reach.
There isn't much I can do, only hope for better times in the future.
school is harder, like really harder, and I'm stressed frequently for lack of time. (I even got some under eye circles, but I'm taking care of them...)
also another topic I want to cover here, is that

★ To do List ★

<table align="center" class="f" style="width: 100%;"><tr><td class="f grf-mirror" style=" max-width:386px; width: 90%; display: block; margin: 0 auto; font-size:9pt; word-wrap: break-word; ">

★ To-Do List ★

★ Personal ★
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Yellow Square Bullet by Kawiku personal website [40%]

Island of Ahia stuff: [on hiatus]
Yellow Square Bullet by Kawiku Island-of-Ahia customs info [90%]
Yellow Square Bullet by Kawiku Island-of-Ahia island map
(flash version finished)
AT: Misty by SlaveToTheMocha

★ For Others ★
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Yellow Square Bullet by KawikuVulpes-Art mascot
(sort-of collab with Erexis)

Waiting art from:
Silver Square Bullet by Kawiku ShadesAndShadows commish (s.2013)
Silver Square Bullet by Kawiku winket trade (s.01/14)
Silver Square Bullet by Kawiku LeeyaKuchuk C

Espherio's contest prizes:
Silver Square Bullet by KawikuEspherio
Silver Square Bullet by KawikuCaptainCorrosive
Silver Square Bullet by KawikuRenaiRoa


★ Stamps ★

★ Stamps ★

#Thorin Stamp by Oreleth#Thorout Stamp by Oreleth
Selo 1: Proud to be by brasilAwkward by Fyi-SusFox At Heart Stamp by Culpeo-FoxNerd with style by Claire-stampsChemistry Stamp by TandenfeePhysics Stamp by SSJMihoshi"Explaining" Stamp by Sonira-StampsOriginal Characters Stamp by Stamp221Stamp Lord of the Rings by FlusjaaSelf taught artist - stamp by Eirene86Math Scares Me Stamp by Mirz123Steampunk Stamp by StampMakerLKJArt saves me Stamp by Mel-Rosey

★ Aspire to inspire ★

so... the first test is tomorrow 

6 deviants said don't be nervous don't be nervous don't be nervous don't be nervous don't be nervous
4 deviants said now stop studying and go draw >.>
2 deviants said I studied so, I'll go well, right?


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